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Dear Future Nurse,

Are you a nursing student or pre-nursing student looking for information about nursing school or help with studying? Maybe you’re an RN who enjoys the constant and continuous learning that comes with the job. If that sounds like you, then Nursing In Progress is the place to be! Here you’ll find Test Banks, study guides and notes to help you succeed in nursing school (and on the job!).

It’s Nice to Meet You!

Hi, I’m Nurse Ashely I survived nursing school...and you can too! I love mentoring nursing students and new nurses! I remember what it was like to be exactly where you are. I also remember what it was like to pour absolutely everything I had into nursing school. To say I was stressed is a massive understatement. Looking back, I wish I’d had a mentor to guide me along the way; a trusted friend I could turn to for helpful advice and words of wisdom. That’s exactly why I created this website. I want to be that person for you!

Nursing In Progress was inspired during my time in nursing school. I immediately struggled and decided to create my own study guides. These guides have helped me personally as well as many others make nursing school just a little more manageable.

I hope you find comfort knowing that everyone struggles at times. Nursing school is emotionally and physically draining. I hope these informative, clean, and simply guides help you navigate through all the information because there is A LOT of it in nursing school.

Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or just need a friend to talk to who's been in your shoes! Take heart: the challenges make you stronger. We are training to care for real lives, with real families.


With love,