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Frequently Asked Questions from our Customers.

Frequently Asked Questions from our Customers. 

Q. Do I get lifetime access to my purchases?

  • Yes. All customers receive lifetime access to their notes, as well as any future editions of those previously purchased subjects.


Q. Can I share my notes with my friends?

  • No. All of our files are share-protected and if we detect sharing of documents, those documents will be automatically locked and your download access will be suspended indefinitely.


Q. Who writes our NursingInProgress?

  • Our high-yield study notes are created in-house by our dedicated team of qualified doctors from a range of reputable sources. Our notes are in keeping with the medical standards of most western countries.


Q. Do you offer notes in other languages?

  • Currently all of our notes are in English only, however, there are countless free and paid PDF translator programs that can translate PDFs into any language. For example,


Q. Are all of your notes digital or do you ship physical products as well?

  • All of our notes are PDF files and are delivered in digital format only. We believe a paper-free approach offers the best experience for our customers as it ensures immediate delivery, allows study materials to be versatile across multiple devices, enables selective printing if desired, keeps our prices affordable, and is most environmentally friendly. 


Q. Can I pay via PayPal? 

  • Yes, our checkout has PayPal in the 'Express Checkout' menu. Please make sure that you apply any discount codes you have PRIOR to continuing to pay via PayPal. PayPal will charge you whatever the Cart Value is at the time you click the PayPal button. 


Q. Can I use my Credit Card to pay via Paypal?

  • Yes! Simply click the PayPal button in our checkout, and then click The “Pay With A Card” button in the PayPal window.
  • This allows you to check out as a guest via paypal, and often works with a wider variety of cards.


Q. Why is my Credit/Debit Card not being accepted?

  • All card payments are processed securely via Stripe, which accepts all Visa, Mastercard & AMEX cards. Stripe has automatic fraud protection systems which can sometimes deny a legitimate transaction. If this is happening to you, please try the solutions below:
  • 1. Ensure you have international/online transactions enabled on your card. 
  • 2. Ensure that your billing address matches your card's registered address. 
  • 3. Temporarily disable any VPN service so we can validate your IP location. 
  • 4. Try refreshing your browser.
  • 5. Try checking out on a different device/computer. 
  • 6. Try the Paypal Card Payment option (Simply click the PayPal button in our checkout, then click the "Pay With A Card" button in the PayPal popup window)


Q. Paying in other currencies?

No. Our store charges in American dollars ($USD)



Q. Why haven't I received my order email?

  • The most common reason is an incorrectly entered email in our checkout. If you suspect this has happened, please email us at and we will track your order down for you and deliver it manually to your email.
  • Your order confirmation email may have also gone to your junk email/spam folder. Please check these folders to make sure you've received our email. 
  • Please note, if you check out via ApplePay, or PayPal, your order confirmation email will be sent to the email address associated with your payment method.